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27 May, 2022
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09 Jun, 2022
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Apply to Encounter•KW Food Justice
Encounter•KW Food Justice will take the form of a special topics online course (RS 291) in Fall 2020


What about Reading Week?

The Reading Week experience is cancelled, while key aspects of the Reading Week program will be integrated into the online course format. For example, the course will include opportunities to meet and learn from our community partners virtually, and assignments geared towards helping you connect with issues of food injustice in a personal and hands-on way.  


This means your reading break is your own, and you still get to safely connect with the community from a distance.

Application Steps
In another effort to make this program more accessible, we have removed the application form for Encounter•KW.
Now, simply log into Quest during your course selection period and add Religious Studies (RS) 291 as an elective course for Fall 2020.
All University of Waterloo undergraduate students are welcome and encouraged to register for this course!
Deadlines and Fees

SJU has cancelled the $125 program fee that was originally advertised, since this was intended to cover the costs of the in-person experience.  


Regular tuition and fees for the Encounter•KW course will be included in your semester's tuition and fee payments through Quest.


For dates and deadlines, please follow the University of Waterloo important dates calendar for your course selection period.

Info Sessions

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Michelle Metzger.