Student Life
1x1 - Guatemala

A brand new organization born out of a recognized need for more sustainable and ethical collaboration between those interested in development work and local communities in Guatemala – their mandate is to work with communities to develop stronger communities through health and education. 

Canadians Nathan and Peter Ingram have been strongly connected to Guatemala for many years now. Continuous partners of Friends of the Orphans and NPH Orphanages, Peter and Nathan have made many trips to Guatemala, bringing students with them to experience the beauties and realities of life in another culture.
Since his first visit to Guatemala, Nathan – Peter’s son – has since moved to Guatemala and with his wife Bianka (who is from Guatemala), have started a family. Seeing a need for more sustainable development in Guatemalan communities and more ethical interaction between the people of Canada and Guatemala, Nathan and Peter began to dream of starting their own organization. It was here that 1X1 was born.